Severance Pay Canada – Who Can Get Severance Pay

Posted on September 25 2012 by in Severance Pay Canada

When a person loses their job they may be given a small amount of money. This money is supposed to make the loss of their job easier to handle and may even be enough to cover their bills while they search for another job. This amount of money given to the person that loses their job is called severance pay. Did you know that you do have rights when you lose your job? What if you were not given any severance pay? Did you know that you are entitled to collect severance pay if you worked at your job for at least one year? How do you know if you can collect severance pay?

Severance Pay Canada – Reasons You May Not Be Entitled to Severance Pay

There may be many situations that lead to you losing your job. If you are trying to get severance pay you need to explain what went on with you and your employer. What exactly happened? There may be circumstances that will make you ineligible to collect severance pay. Here are reasons that the court may deny you severance pay.

The employer had justification for terminating you: Did you do anything that might be seen as grounds for dismissal like taking something or revealing secret information? If you were less than honest at your job, and your employer found out, then the company you worked for had justification for terminating your job.

You resigned: Did you lose your job because you quit on your own? Sometimes companies do downsize their people, but if you decided to leave on your own than that is a different circumstance.

You got a job offer, but turned it down: Sometimes people who lose their job because of downsizing can be called back to work. If you were dismissed from the company, called back, but you did not return to work than you won’t be able to collect severance pay.

You are eligible for retirement: A company may end your employment because you are now eligible to retire. If you have reached the age of sixty-five than you may no longer have to work and can collect your pension instead.

If you were at your job for at least a year before you lost it, then you may be entitled to collect severance pay. The Canadian court may grant you severance pay as long as you did not quit your job, were not fired due to justifiable circumstances, or if you are not of the age yet to retire. If you did lose your job, and now you want to collect severance pay, then you need to look into the Canadian court system for collecting your severance pay.

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